Why Would A Business Need an Armed Security Guard?

Security is a high priority for any organization. It’s important to have an armed security guard for high risk situations because they are trained to be alert and to stay on the lookout for danger.

The purpose of an armed security guard is to protect people, property, and assets. They provide physical protection through patrolling, surveillance, or by performing search or arrest procedures.

An armed security guard does not have the same duties as a private investigator or police officer. However, there are times when they will investigate incidents that are reported by other guards or other employees in the building.

What to Look for in an Armed Security Guard Service Provider?

Enforce Security Services, Inc. and other armed security guard operatives are trained professionals who are licensed by the state of Texas and usually work in shifts, operating as an on-site presence at retail stores, financial institutions, schools, hospitals, casinos and other businesses that need protection. In some instances, clients prefer unarmed guards. Many companies that specialize in unarmed guards also offer armed security guards.

What Should I Expect from a Professional Security Guard Company?

So, what should you expect from a professional and trusted security guard company? There are many factors that will help you decide on the right company to go with. You should expect them to be available when you need them, trustworthy, licensed, insured and experienced. They should also be able to answer all your questions about pricing and provide information about their policies regarding weapons use or any other specific needs.

People often hire security guards for their homes, offices, public spaces and other private properties to provide safety and protection. There are different types of security guard companies that offer different services at different costs.

Types of Security & Guard Companies and their Services

There are many security and guard companies to choose from, but not all offer the same services. Some provide a number of services, while others specialize in one or two areas.

Security and guard companies can provide physical security personnel to stand watch and ensure safety in a variety of locations. They can also provide armed guards for the purpose of protecting property and people in dangerous environments.

Many security and guard companies offer emergency response service that includes fire protection, emergency medical service or hazardous material management.

What Security Guard Training & Certifications are Required by Texas Law?

Security Guard Training Requirements:

  • The agency that hires the security guard must provide a training program to its employees that meet or exceed the minimum training requirements established by TCOLE.
  • A course of instruction must be provided for each employee, including refresher courses as needed, and it must include instruction in:
  • The laws governing arrest and use of force;
  • Legal responsibilities as a peace officer;
  • First aid;
  • Firearms safety; and
  • Physical fitness.

How To Protect Yourself with Security Guards and Patrols

A security guard is a person who is employed to protect the property of an organization or individual. Security guards are often uniformed, but do not always wear uniforms. They may be employed in law enforcement agencies, private security organizations, and in the military.

Security patrols are different from personal bodyguards. A bodyguard will accompany you where you go, while a patrol officer will stay at a specific location to prevent crime or other unwanted events from occurring there.

Security guards have been used by businesses for centuries to protect valuable property and people. The term “security guard” was first used in the 1920s around the time when companies started hiring them to guard their workplaces against theft and vandalism during hours of darkness when production stopped for the day.

Armed Patrol Services and the Risks Involved

It should be noted that the armed patrol services should be a last resort. They are very expensive and also raise other potential problems. For example, it can create a hostile environment where people feel unsafe and there may be the risk of escalation in situations where deadly force is required. In addition, armed security guards have been shown to decrease gun violence in areas they patrol due to their strong presence.

In conclusion, it’s important to be very careful when considering this type of service as it may not always be what you need depending on your situation.